Urban and Regional Information Systems (URISA)

URISA is a nonprofit entity composed of professionals from various disciplines in information technology (IT) and geographic information systems (GIS). It was organized in 1963.[1] The primary goal of the organization is to promote effective and ethical use of spatial information on state/provincial and municipal levels.

This is accomplished through organizing educational events, publications, and linking networks of other GIS professionals together. The education events include Webinars, Conferences, and Workshops. Publications available from URISA are the URISA Journal, New, Digest, and Marketplace. Members have additional access to online publications and conference proceedings.

In 1998, URISA established a Certification Committee which created a certification prgram in 2003. The certification recognizes GIS professionals who demonstrate competence, integrity, and ethical conduct.[2]

Local chapters of URISA are spread throughout North America and has a sister organization, Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute, in Australia. Various branches of URIS are strictly involved in other tasks such as humanitarian aid.[3]


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Authors Bryan Wilson
BoK Topics OI3-2
311 Weeks 1
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